We are Wizard

Wizard is small edu-tech company which focuses on providing educational tools and solutions to companies and NGOs. Officially established in 2018, Wizard brings together experts from education, HR and IT, with one aim – to help you digitalize your learning and educate your workers in order to improve your business. Therefore, our first rule is – we are always there for our clients.

We incorporate and implement our values in every project and partnership we have which is why we are
building a trusting community with professionalism. Our values include integrity, teamwork and
constant improvement.

We strongly believe that lifelong learning leads to personal growth. We also believe that successful
individuals manage successful organizations. We combine adult education principles with non-formal
learning methods to create meaningful and fun courses, whether online or offline.

We use the latest technology and practices to enhance the personal learning process with the aim of reaching
learning goals which we define together with our clients.

We use an agile approach and we create long-term partnerships with our clients.

Want to join the team?

If you want to work in eLearning sector as a instructional designer, learning architect or video producer,
send us an email.