Project 1

Educate your employees through micro-learning

Micro-learning provides an effective way of delivering content in small chunks which makes training less time-consuming. Our client wanted to educate their employees on the topic of giving feedback in a short and entertaining way.

These courses were developed together with our partner – LQ. The challenge was to deliver all relevant materials, including videos and exercises, in modules lasting under 7 minutes. We created animated videos, interactive graphics and scenario-based exercies to engage learners as much as possible.

Considering that the target group was middle management and team leaders, we were aware that they will not have time to dive deeper into learning, which is why the content is short and design is responsive, in order to insure easy accessability.

Project 2

Easily present new internal procedures or products 

E-learning is a great tool for sharing internal knowledge or delivering new information to everyone in the organisation. As a part of this project, Wizard had a task of converting a Power Point presentation into a interactive e-learning course. The course had to be mobile-friendly, including short non-graded quizzes, video and voice-over.

The challenge was to restrict the navigation during the first time that user is interacting with the content and then to allow open navigation on every other attempt.

The main idea was to present client’s new product in a interesting and fun way, while respecting all internal policies and providing necessary information.

Project 3

Educate your clients with

If you have to educate your clients on how to use your software or a tool, e-learning can be very useful. Our client wanted a few short courses which would help their users when interacting with their software for the first time. Courses had to be instructional, educational and promotional.

We worked closely with the client to ensure avoiding unnecessary content while providing an instructional and learning process for the target group of users.

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